Study Skills & Learning Strategies Resources For Students

The following articles cover a wide range of useful topics from improving reading comprehension, time management, note-taking to stress management. They are great for personal consumption, but are also available in downloadable handout form for class distribution. Feel free to bookmark or link directly to these articles or the homepage.

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Study Skills Tutorials

  1. How To Take Notes From A Textbook – The Information Funnel Method
  2. How To Speed Read & Comprehend – Part 3: Reduce Sub-vocalization
  3. How To Speed Read & Comprehend – Part 2: Block Reading
  4. How To Speed Read & Comprehend – Part 1
  5. How To Write On Paper Faster & Better
  6. How To Memorize Things Quickly & Effectively – Part 1: Chunking & Spaced Repetition
  7. How To Memorize Things Quickly & Effectively – Part 2: Visualization
  8. How To Take Notes In Class – The Origami Note-Taking System
  9. How To Type Faster Without Looking

Productivity Tutorials

  1. How to Procrastinate Faster & More Productively
  2. How To Focus & Concentrate While Studying
  3. How To Temporarily Block Distracting Websites
  4. How To Deal With Study Stress & Anxiety
  5. How To Create A Good Study Environment At Home
  6. How To Stop Procrastinating & Increase Motivation
  7. How To Manage Your Time Effectively As A Student

Additional Study Resources & Tips

  1. Guest Post: Why You Should Have Your Very Own Morning Routine
  2. Leo’s Top 10 Study Tips

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