Do you find it difficult to escape the internet? Use these free applications and simple techniques to prevent yourself from getting distracted.

Table Of Contents

  1. Blacklist Sites With Applications |  Use these applications to block distracting websites for X number of hours.
  2. Blacklist Sites With Browser Apps |  Install these browser extensions to temporarily block access to specified website in that browser.
  3. Use A Work Only Browser |  Use a second browser with permanent blocks on blacklisted websites for work, and use the unrestricted browser for casual use.
  4. Use A Work Only User Profile |  Create a second user profile in your computer operating system just for work.
  5. BONUS: Use Airplane Mode |  Temporarily turn off access to the internet (including notifications, updates, messages, email) on your smartphone.

1. Blacklist Sites With Applications

If you want to block access to specific websites from your computer for a set number of hours, then install one of the programs below.


Cold Turkey Application
Step 1: Install Cold Turkey
Download and install the application here
Step 2: Blacklist Websites
Open the application and click Edit Blacklist and add the websites you wish to block

2. Blacklist Sites With Browser Apps

If you want to block certain websites in your browser, but have the option to remove the blocks, then install one of these. However, this option is not as strict as applications in option 1, because the blocks can be removed by turning the browser app off.

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3. Use A Work Only Browser

If you find yourself having to constantly block websites when you start working/studying and unblocking them when you’re done, then it makes sense to use separate browsers for each situation. For example, you could use Chrome for regular daily use and Firefox for “study mode” or “work mode.” This can easily be done by adding all the website restrictions on one browser, while leaving the other unrestricted.

For example, you could apply website restrictions to Chrome, which you use exclusively for work. However, when you’re not working, you use Firefox, which has no restrictions applied.

4. Use A Work Only User Profile

If you want to create a restricted work or study environment that not only blocks websites, but distracting programs as well, this can be done by creating a second user profile on your computer with the desired restrictions. You would then log into the new “restricted” account when you want to study or work.

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5. Airplane Mode

Though not a way to block specific websites, you can easily block all notifications and internet access on any device by putting it into airplane mode. On iOS and Android, just swipe into your notifications view and click the airplane mode button. On a PC, click on your internet connection and turn off wi-fi (and disconnect the internet cable). In this way, you eliminate all notifications and prevent yourself from using the internet entirely.