Author: Leo Fuchigami

How To Take Notes In Class – The Origami Note-Taking System

Use this innovative note-taking technique that simultaneously facilitates understanding, increases readability and creates a framework for easy review. Table Of Contents The Origami Note-Taking System | Use a 3-column foldable note layout that doubles as a self-review system. Use Abbreviations | Use abbreviations to cut down on writing time. Notebook Indexing | Organize your notes systematically and make use of an index. Comments 1. The Origami Note-Taking System This simple design that not only helps you structure your notes, but transforms them into a powerful review and quizzing tool. Step 1: Set Up The 3-Column Layout Draw 2 vertical lines with a ratio of...

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How To Type Faster Without Looking

Typing is one of the easiest skills to improve, and it’s something most of us use multiple times, if not hours, every day. For that reason, an hour spent improving typing speed is probably a smarter investment than on any other study skill. This is a comprehensive tutorial that will cover the most effective speed typing techniques and tricks for beginner and intermediate typers. Table Of Contents The Quick Brown Fox Technique | Learn to touch type by memorizing this special sentence. Ergonomic Keyboards  | Use an ergonomic keyboard for instant speed and comfort gains. Extra Tips  | Use autocorrect shortcuts, improve your posture...

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